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An Important Announcement

On June 18th I will be speaking at the Ocean City Tabernacle located at 550 Wesley Avenue in Ocean City, NJ at both the 8:30 and 10:30 am services. Your presence could be a great encouragement for me, and it will please me more than I can say to see you there. My topic will be, “Keeping the Faith in a Secular World.”
You may know that my son Bart, after years of serving along side of me in a variety of missionary ventures, confronted me with the news that he no longer believed in God. This stunned me and pained me. I will be sharing in my morning messages what I believe may have caused his de-conversion, as well as how I have responded to him.
I am by no means alone as a parent who tried to raise a child in the Christian faith, only to discover that his or her precious child has turned away from God. The Pew Foundation having studied this matter in depth has given evidence that young people who once had religious convictions and have been turning away from being people of faith at an alarming rate. That is why I am convinced that discussion on why children leave the faith of their parents, and what can be done to bring them back, is of ultimate importance. We all need to be open about the fears and concerns we have when those who are dear to us stray from a relationship with Christ.
This sermon will be hard for me to deliver, and I need sympathetic listeners to encourage me. Perhaps some in the congregation will learn something that will enable them to help others to deal with such a crisis. I need your help!