EAPE was born out of Tony’s passion for evangelism and social justice. Originally it was comprised of Tony, a few of his friends, and a bunch of his Eastern Baptist College (now Eastern University) students organizing a few small mission projects in the Dominican Republic and the inner-city Philadelphia. As Tony became an increasingly influential leader in American Christianity, the resources and the scope of EAPE’s ministry grew. For a more thorough history of Tony and EAPE, we invite you to read Over The Top For Jesus: A Brief History of the Life and Ministry of Tony Campolo and EAPE. You can also learn more about the work of EAPE in these special editions of Tony’s radio program, Across the Pond.

EAPE was a kind of mutual fund. When someone contributed to EAPE, their money was pooled together with the gifts of others who shared a commitment to evangelism and social justice and who were willing to trust the leadership of Tony and EAPE’s Board of Directors to invest wisely that money in a diverse group of innovative Christian ministries deemed likely to produce significant returns on the collective investment. The difference, of course, was that in this mutual fund the return on investment is measured by changed lives and changed communities instead of dollars and cents.

Under the leadership of Tony and Bart Campolo, EAPE developed and nurtured elementary and secondary schools, universities, adult and child literacy centers, tutoring programs, orphanages, AIDS hospices, urban youth ministries, summer camps and long-term Christian service programs in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, various African countries, across Canada and the United States. Perhaps more important than the services rendered is the fact that EAPE, through its core and affiliated ministries, has traversed the world preaching a gospel that combines personal discipleship and social justice witnessing countless believers, both young and old, dedicate their lives to building the Kingdom of God.

After 40 years it was decided that EAPE had fulfilled its purpose and on June 30 2014, EAPE officially concluded, but with one final act. On July 1, 2016 the Campolo Center for Ministry was founded to carry on EAPE’s legacy by raising up the next generation of justice-minded agents of change.

The below represents some of EAPE’s investments and we invite you to learn more about these fine organizations.