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An Update From Bart Campolo

July 29, 2020

An Update From Bart Campolo

Dear Friends,

My wife Marty and I spent this past weekend visiting my parents in Bryn Mawr, so here’s a fresh, first-hand update.

Dad always works really hard in rehab, but some days are definitely better than others in terms of actual progress. He’s got a great attitude, however, especially in light of the fact that even my Mom still isn’t allowed into his room. Instead, she spends most of each morning and afternoon, masked and perched on a plastic chair outside his open window, talking with him through the screen. That’s what Marty and I did too, of course, when we weren’t social distance picnicking with Mom in a nearby park. It probably goes without saying at this point, but I truly hate COVID-19 and truly hope people – and especially our country’s leaders – will do more to overcome it.

In any case, it looks like my folks’ recovery/adjustment is going to be a long and difficult process. I hope and expect that each of them will find a new rhythm in terms of staying connected with all the great friends they’ve made over the years, but I’m proud to report that right now they’re devoting all their energy to taking care of one another. Phone calls are distracting, but make no mistake; they absolutely love reading and talking together about the cards and letters they receive each day, which trigger wonderful memories and make them feel prayed for, cared about and supported. In other words, keep ‘em coming!

1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, PA 19087

In the meantime, in case you’re wondering, yes, my dad is still thoughtful and funny and intense and prayerful. He’s more patient now, however, and more peaceful as well. While I was there, we talked about theology and politics, basketball and movies, grandkids (and one great-grand-kid) and legacies, all with an overriding sense of wonder and gratitude. As usual, I was inspired by the richness of his life. Thank you for being part of it.