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Tony Campolo: A Call for Young Missionary Workers

July 2, 2015

Tony Campolo: A Call for Young Missionary Workers

I want to make a pitch to post high school young people for Mission Year. This is a program that recruits young people to spend a year as urban missionaries in some of the most “at risk” cities in America. These young people live in what is now being called “intentional Christian community”. Teams of ten to fifteen Mission Year volunteers live together in rented houses located in various “under served” neighborhoods where they go to work getting to know their neighbors, and sharing God’s love with them.

Every Mission Year worker gets involved in some community service program. It may be tutoring boys and girls, working with the homeless, talking to teenagers about what’s going on in their lives, helping a local Young Life club or being part of a neighborhood Bible study group. You certainly will be connected to a local church.

Each week there will be a meeting of all the team workers where high energy singing and good fellowship will nurture your soul. You will be given the opportunity to learn about urban ministry from experts in the field. You can even get college or masters credit for what you learn, experience and for your required reading. Every effort will be made to nurture your spiritual life so that at the end of your year of service you will be “on fire” with your commitment to Christ.

Here’s the web site: check it out, and sign up. You are needed!