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A Counter-Cultural Church Grows in Brooklyn

Every Monday night at 10:30 p.m., more than 150 young people squeeze into a backroom theatre connected to a bar in Brooklyn, New York. They would never call their gathering a church but if you ever joined them, you wouldn’t

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At Last Evangelical Progressives Organize And Oppose The Alt-Right Evangelicals

Many progressive Evangelical leaders have become increasingly upset with the image (often unfairly) of all Evangelicals as being homophobic, anti-feminist, anti-environmentalist, anti-immigrant, and unabashed supporters of the Alt-Right Republican policies. Thirty of them responded to an invitation issued by Jim

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Something Special in a Mainline Denominational Church

There was a time when mainline denominations shied away from conducting what might be called those “old fashioned revival meetings.” In efforts to portray themselves as thoughtful Christians, not carried away by emotional manipulations from the pulpit, mainline church leaders

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Tony Campolo: For the Record

June 8, 2015; Tony releases a new statement urging the church to be more welcoming. As a young man I surrendered my life to Jesus and trusted in Him for my salvation, and I have been a staunch evangelical ever

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Tony Campolo: It was time to stop

April 8, 2014; Tony Campolo was interviewed on Faith & Leadership – he explains why he’s closing his ministry organization, the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, after more than 40 years. Click here to read the interview.  

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August 2013 Newsletter

Tony recently returned from a month long speaking tour in Australia on behalf of Compassion International and World Vision. These two Christian organizations give significant support to the EAPE ministries. Click to Download Tony’s August 2013 Newsletter

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July 2013 Newsletter

A LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD & GLOBAL CALL TO END CORRUPTION! John Engle, a co-director of Haiti Partners, EAPE’s Core Ministry in Haiti, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from WorldBlu, an organization that promotes democracy worldwide in the workplace. Click to

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June 2013 Newsletter

Over the years, EAPE has created a variety of missionary enterprises that have impacted some of the neediest people in the world. Learn more about Cornerstone Christian Academy for school children who are growing up in “at risk” neighborhoods in

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May 2013 Newsletter

Connect Leadership Ministries is a program designed to revitalize dying inner-city churches. EAPE is burdened by the reality that many urban churches are dying and we are committed to work with Connect Leadership Ministries to do something about that. Click

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April 2013 Newsletter

Learn more about the people behind EAPE who keep track of the various ministries, and the work that is being done by the scores of EAPE’s full-time mission workers across the nation and around the world. They are responsible for

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